About us

Mission Statement

​We will deliver machinery training and safety courses to the construction and mining industry with integrity and fairness.  Our success was established by providing an excellent service, thorough training and dedication to our clients. This will always be our foundation.  HRW Training has grown into a trusted and service orientated training business who constantly delivers the national standards.

Our Values

Since 2012, we have focused on servicing and training the workforce with a mature and professional business model.  We achieve this by relaying our belief that safety is something that should be understood and not because it is a requirement.  We have a  responsibility to educate our clients and to change workers mindsets of staying safe within their workplace by the methods that they choose.  We are straightforward about our approach on safety and its never too hard to implement.   It may require a simple action of duty of care to prevent an injury or even a death. We will always live and work by the following two words: passion and simplicity. 

Our Vision

To continue providing a convenient and streamlined training method with our RTO partner. We wish to remain a specialised training provider with the intent to always innovate and educate the industry within the system.  A training company must always go above and beyond for their clients and with our plan for the next 5 years we endeavor to deliver quality training programs in a unique and easy to understand environment.

Core Business

As you navigate throughout our website you will notice that our training programs are designed for the construction and mining industries.  For those people who work in these industries across the various trades we provide our clients High Risk Work licence training and RII Competencies known as earth moving tickets, working safely at heights and Standard 11 to name a few.  We have the experience, knowledge and accreditation’s to be able to provide specialised training services for you onsite and on demand.


Training Method and Objective

Our main principle in training is to connect to our audience.  We adapt a training style and communicate in a way that is both effective and efficient for our clients.  We know how and when to carry a message and make it clear and precise. It is not always traditional but it is effective.  Our thorough method of extracting the best result in a training session is what sets us apart for our industry.  We as trainers and assessors have a responsibility to our client, their families and the workforce to provide a quality training standard.

Throughout the training course, we also take the time to explain to our clients the structure and purpose of the national standards that are set out in legislation.  Our intent is to educate our clients for the requirements of compliance.  Education is always key. 

Our Compliance:

​Our affiliated RTO partner is Halo Nation Training (#32485)

All our Accredited and Qualified trainers and assessors are affiliated and work with our RTO partner.