What is a Verification Of Competency? } VOC

A VOC is a service for companies people who wish to verify someone’s operating skills; VOC’s usually cater for the workforce who are:

  • Existing ticket holders to verify you are still are a current and a competent operator.
  • Out of the workforce or particular line of work for a period of time.
  • Companies requiring refresher assessments for staff members.
  • Demonstrating skills on new makes and models of machines within your ticket scope.

Who can perform VOC’s?

Workplace trainers and accredited trainer’s / assessor’s

How quickly can you perform a VOC?

Price: $295 

Can you provide a discount for group or multiple VOC’s for one person? (3 or more)

Yes, thank you we will offer a 20% discount.

What does this include?

  • A qualified trainer to come to your site or workplace and provide a theory assessment for up to 2 hours and to observe the staff member/s skills on the machine for VOC.  This will take approximately 1 hour.
  • Certificate issued from RTO.  Immediately through email.  Hard copy in proper certificate paper sent in the mail.
  • Wallet sized plastic card / ticket

N.B: Flights or DIDO / vehicle expenses and accommodation is required for locations outside of Townsville, North Queensland.

Is a VOC different to RPL or Ticket Conversion?

Yes in simple terms a VOC is verifying skills and RPL / ticket conversion is the process where the student has written evidence of operating currency.  On most occasions people will provide an expired ticket accompanied with a recent letter on a letterhead from their employer.

If you are a ABN contractor / self employed, written evidence of the site you work on such as a VOC or letter from the operations manager or onsite trainers.

The information required on the company letterhead should contain your name, type of machine/s, type of work, location and dates when work was performed and length of employment,.

Ticket conversions are also a cheaper option.  For more information about ticket conversions from old tickets used prior to 2012 please see Ticket Conversion under “Services” in the navigation.

TIP: Plan ahead and write the letter and email to your supervisor for the wording you require.  This will save time and be more convenient for the supervisors to issue the signed statement for you.  (Remember: statement must be on a letterhead from the company, thank you.)