What is a RII Conversion?

The Australian Government in 2011 decided to harmonise the construction industry and ticketing laws to come into full effect from January 1, 2012. The Federal Government requested that all states were to follow the mining industry system and have earth moving tickets including various other training units to become competency based in the construction industry. What this meant was that WHSQ who were the regulator for compliance for people to “hold tickets” were no longer to regulate or enforce this system. The responsibility and duty of care is to be on behalf of the employer or contractor. The exact responsibility the mining companies provide and require from their workers or operators. At the same time an overhaul of the high risk licensing system was being revamped.

In regards to the harmonisation laws, there are still a couple of states who have not “crossed over” and still to this day tickets or competencies are not required by the employer in construction to operate machinery. That being said, “harmonisation” means responsibility not requirement. To provide a simple example, a car seat belt won’t stop you having an accident but is your life line in the event of an accident. Competency tickets are your seat belt in this scenario by the way you are practicing, learning how to drive / operate the machine and have an overall understanding of safe operation. This is the reason your employer ensures you are compliant prior to starting employment or if already employed to convert your expired tickets to the Resource and Infrastructure Industry RII system.

Prior to 2012 thousands of tickets from training completed were issued; they are commonly called:

  • Expired tickets
  • Old style tickets
  • Old OHSCER tickets. – “the yellow and blue ones with the construction picture on the front”

Please refer to the photo at the top on this page as example of the Old Style / Expired tickets that were once regulated by Occupational Health and Safety (WHSQ) under the previous system.

What documentation do you require?

  • Photo ID (Drivers Licence, Passport or 18+ card etc)
  • Enrollment Form
  • Expired ticket
  • Letter of currency from employer or site contractor

If you are a ABN contractor / self employed, written evidence of the site you work on such as a VOC or letter from the operations manager or onsite trainers.

The information required on the company letterhead should contain your name, type of machine/s, type of work, location and dates when work was performed and length of employment.

TIP: Plan ahead and write the letter and email to your supervisor for the wording you require. This will save time and be more convenient for the supervisors to issue the signed statement for you. (Remember: statement must be on a letterhead from the company, thank you.)

What do you charge for your service?

Price: $195 each conversion

Can you provide a discount for multiple RII conversions (3 or more)?

Yes, thank you we will offer a 20% discount.

What does this include?

  •  Certificate issued from our partner RTO. > Immediately through email (within 24 hours – weekdays). Hard copy on proper certificate paper sent in the mail.
  •  Wallet sized plastic card / ticket

Is a VOC different to RPL or Ticket Conversion?

Yes in simple terms a VOC is verifying skills and RPL / ticket conversion is the process where the student has written evidence (expired ticket and letter) of operating currency.